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Family Farm

Monticello, Florida

our story

Owners, Kiona & Chris Wagner, began their search for farm land around the South Florida area in 2016. With every property they looked at over the years, one thing was certain, the rocky soil. Though they did not reside in South Florida much longer due to the  rising cost of land, a small patch of acreage caught their eye in the town on Monticello. Though the soil did not have a rock in sight, the literal concept of a rock then turned into a metaphorical concept of how we see things. When life presents a rock in your path you have three options, "go around it, under it or over it".  

Thus, in 2019, Kiona and Chris took the chance of a lifetime and relocated their family to start their intensively grown market farm, Rocky Soil Family Farm. Their focus is to provide the local community and greater Tallahassee areas with seasonal veggies and herbs while baking some of the most delicious sweet and wholesome breads from scratch. Chris will use his skills as a Global Master Chef to create flavorful dishes for in the field farm-to-table dining experiences. From rustic concepts to fine dining, Rocky Soil Family Farm is providing engaging experiences for families and foodies alike.

French Breakfast Radishes

There are a few ways to taste our seasonal vegetables and wholesome breads. You can support local farmers and producers by shopping from the Red Hills Online Farmers Market Sunday-Tuesday (delivery or pickup available), create a cart on our online farm store, visit us every Saturday morning at the Tallahassee Farmers Market or visit the farm on Sundays for our weekly markets.

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We invite you to join us in 2022 at the Rocky Soil table for special events on the farm with friends and family or contact us to plan your own special event.


Follow us on social media as we convert our 14'x40' shed into the heart of the farm. Our bakery will produce loaves of wholesome sourdoughs, sweet rolls and more.

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